How to register 

The enrollment period, whether for the FGV Entrance Exam or via Enem, takes place annually. Only the Business Administration course at FGV EAESP - Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo receives enrollments every six months.

Candidates from external transfers or holders of a diploma from a higher education course can enroll in FGV courses according to the availability of vacancies and specific selection criteria.

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Where to take the exam

The entrance exam tests can be taken in person in the following cities:


Manaus (AM), Boca do Acre (AM) and Belém (PA).


Fortaleza (CE), Recife (PE), Salvador (BA), São Luís (MA), Maceió (AL), Juazeiro (BA), Paramirim (BA), Russas (CE), Sobral (CE), Formosa da Serra Negra (MA), João Pessoa (PB), Petrolina (PE), Teresina (PI) and Natal (RN).


Brasília (DF), Campo Grande (MS), Cuiabá (MT) and Goiânia (GO).


São Paulo (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Belo Horizonte (MG), Campinas (SP), Ribeirão Preto (SP), São José dos Campos (SP), Uberlândia (MG), Vitória (ES), Juíz de Fora (MG) and Salinas (MG).


Curitiba, (PR), Cascavel (PR), Porto Alegre (RS), Chapecó (SC) and Florianópolis (SC).

When registering, the candidate must indicate, in order of preference, three of the cities mentioned above, one of the cities where the chosen graduation is taught – Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo or Brasília – being one of the options.

Admission Forms

FGV seeks to offer several admission alternatives so that candidates can choose the option that best suits their needs and academic qualifications. The registration options are: Entrance Exam, Enem, External Transfer and Degree Holder.
Subscription options are:

Admition Exam FGV
External Transfer And/or Diploma holders
International Selection Process
Knowledge Olympics
Social Demand and Diversity Entrance Exam
FGV offers specific types of scholarships.


Selection Process Schedule

Common Questions

Have questions about the selection process? Access our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Important Materials

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