The FGV Law degree is committed to training legal leaders capable of working to strengthen democracy and the development of Brazil. 


The student's training is divided into two stages.

In the first five terms, graduates take full-time mandatory courses required by the Ministry of Education (MEC) and recommended by the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB).

As of the sixth term, the specialization cycle begins. At this stage, the student is free to organize his own curriculum with elective subjects, balancing a part-time course and an external internship.

Enrollment for the course selection process can be done separately in the different admission modalities: FGV Entrance Exam, ENEM and International. 


Full-time for the first 3 years, 4th and 5th year in the morning period.

Monthly payment

BRL 7.596,90
*refers to the value of 2024.1


FGV - Av. Plínio Barreto, 285
São Paulo, SP 

Candidate-to-vacancy ratio

25 (2023.1) 


(11) 3799-2229 



DATA: 14/11/2024 e 15/11/2024

LOCAL: A divulgação do Cartão de Confirmação ocorrerá no dia 04 de novembro de 2024, conforme o item 1.6 do Edital Unificado 2025.1

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Why choose the Law course?

At FGV Sao Paulo Law School, students develop practical skills and apply knowledge concretely through study and problem solving. For this, simulations, games, multidisciplinary projects and other participatory methods are used.

In addition to being based on new teaching techniques, the curriculum at FGV Law is contemporary and comprehensive, providing solid and updated training. There is a synergy between the Law, Business Administration, Public Administration, Economics and International Relations courses, which enables multidisciplinary training and a broad view of the legal world.

The integration between undergraduate and graduate courses also allows students to expand their studies and delve into specific areas of interest.

The FGV Law School stands out for its production of contemporary, improved and innovative legal knowledge. Professors are involved in research and publications, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the legal area. This provides students with excellent training and keeps them updated with changes in the field of law.

Fachada do prédio
agreements with foreign schools
years of teaching and innovation


In addition to the FGV Entrance Exam result, the college also uses the ENEM scores, provided by the National Institute of Educational Research of the Ministry of Education (INEP/MEC), to classify students in the 1st phase of the selection process.

The ENEM Selection Process will consist of two phases:

  • 1st Phase: Best grades in ENEM;
  • 2nd Phase: Oral Exam.

International Exams 

The FGV Law School offers an exclusive selection process for candidates who hold international certifications, such as the IB, ABITUR, BAC and SAT. If you have taken any of these exams in the last two years, you can apply for the International Exam Selection Process. The minimum scores required will be disclosed in the Announcement.

The IB/ABITUR/BAC/SAT International Exam Selection Process will consist of two phases: 

  • 1st Phase: Best Scores in the IB/ABITUR/BAC/SAT Exams;
  • 2nd Phase: Oral Examination. 


Consolidated international operations

FGV Sao Paulo Law School, is actively involved in the international legal debate and has more than 40 agreements with foreign schools in different continents.

The institution is a member of the Law Schools Global League (LSGL) and Sui Iuris, networks of which it was a founder. These networks bring together teaching institutions from different countries, dedicated to debating and elaborating answers to the new challenges presented by economic, political and technological globalization to the traditional teaching of Law.

Furthermore, it has the Global Fellowship Program, which brings together senior academics and young researchers from around the world, to build a group of academics capable of identifying new global legal issues and offering creative solutions to the challenges that arise.


Top score and 1st place among all law schools in the country in the National Student 
Performance Examination (Enade 2018).


Maximum score in the last evaluation of the General Index of Courses (IGC) of the 
Ministry of Education (MEC).


Studying at FGV Sao Paulo Law School provides students with a wide range of opportunities at a renowned institution in Brazil and worldwide.

Aluna sorridente no campus da escola

Double Degree

Students at FGV Sao Paulo Law School have the opportunity to obtain, in addition to a Law degree, additional degrees in Business Administration, Public Administration or Economics, offered by the respective FGV schools. This means that they can earn two degrees in a short time, without the need to take a new entrance exam, but through an internal selection process.

For example, a Law student who opts for a double degree in the seventh semester can complete both courses in approximately seven and a half years.


Also, FGV encourages international exchanges, offering students the opportunity to experience enriching experiences in other countries. This openness to the world broadens horizons and enables a globalized education, preparing students to work in an increasingly internationalized market.

Full-time course in the first three years

In the first years of the course, classes require intensive study and exclusive dedication. Thus, students are permanently involved

with concrete and everyday legal problems.

Besides encouraging the identification of real vocations and interests, this schedule allows the development of creativity and autonomy in building knowledge and solving problems.

Individualized Attention

FGV's faculty are highly qualified, most of whom are full-time PhD professors. Their commitment to teaching and intellectual qualification guarantees quality and updated teaching. The professors also offer comprehensive and individualized attention to students, helping them in their academic and professional development.



Working with the Law does not mean having a contemplative stance on the set of laws that organize life in society, but using knowledge about them to contribute to the development of society.

That's why FGV wants to help you learn a little more about your future career.

  • Advice to international organizations

  • Human Rights

  • Diplomatic Missions

  • International Arbitration

  • Financial System

  • Stock Exchange

  • Brokers

  • Banks

  • Researcher 

  • Teacher 

  • Prosecution Service (Federal and State)

  • State and Municipal Attorney

  • Judiciary

  • Police station

  • Attorney General of the Union

  • Public Defender

  • Regulatory agencies

  • Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIPS)

  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

  • Government Agencies

  • Business Advice

  • Industries

  • Unions 

  • International Arbitration

  • Administrative Law

  • Civil Rights

  • Consumer Protection

  • Procedural Law

  • Information Technology Law 

  • Constitutional Law

  • Human Rights

  • Economic Law

  • Labor and Social Security Law

  • Contract Law

  • Property Rights 

  • Banking Law

  • Tax Law

  • Family and Succession Law

  • Insurance Law

  • Real Estate Law 

  • Criminal Law 

  • Economic Criminal Law

  • Environmental Law

  • Global Law

  • Capital Market

  • Corporate Law


The FGV Law Undergraduate Program offers scholarships to students who have passed the Selection Process in the following ways:

Non-refundable scholarships for outstanding students:

(a) 100% to the enrolled candidate with the highest final average considering, jointly, the FGV Entrance Exam and Entrance Exam Selection Processes by Social Demand and Diversity (DSD), 70% to the second enrolled candidate with the second highest final average considering if, jointly, the FGV Entrance Exam and Entrance Exam DSD Selection Processes and 30% to the third enrolled candidate with the second highest final average considering, jointly, the FGV Entrance Exam and DSD Selection Processes, in the first year of the course; Candidates approved in the ENEM Selection Process and the International Examination Selection Process will not compete for this scholarship in the first year of the course;

(b) in relation to the second, third and fourth years of the course, 100% scholarships will be guaranteed to the student with the first highest standardized grade in the immediately preceding academic year, 70% to the student with the second highest standardized grade in the academic year immediately preceding and 30% to the student with the third highest standardized grade in the immediately preceding academic year;

(c) in relation to the fifth year of the course, 100% scholarships will be guaranteed to the first place in a monograph competition among fourth year students, 70% to the second place in a monograph competition among fourth year students and 30% to third place in a monograph competition among students of the fourth year of the course.

For more details on the scholarships offered for each course, read the Announcement.

Open Classes Project

If you are applying for university entrance exams and are thinking about studying Law, attend a class at FGV SP - Law School.

The Open Classes Project was created so that you, taking the entrance exam, have the opportunity to participate in an innovative and contemporary Law class that places you as the leading actor of the learning process.

For more information, send an e-mail to direitosp@fgv.br

Keep an eye out for the 2023 Open Classes Project calendar below and follow FGV SP Law School (Direito SP) social media to receive updates.

Visit the project website and learn more. 

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