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Bank payment slip or credit card
Monthly Academic Fees:
R$ 4.350,00
Class hours:
SGAN Quadra 602 - Módulos A B e C - Asa Norte, Brasília - DF
+55 (61) 3799-8196
About the program

This course is designed to provide a unique experience – a leadership training journey unlike anything else in the world. It functions as a training academy, requiring full-time dedication and launching students on their journey to positively affect the world.

The academy views learning as a trajectory involving a series of seemingly insurmountable challenges for everyone willing to take them on. This trajectory is based on the idea espoused by various historical leaders that “negative facts can only harm you if you let them.”

The academy is not a finished place or product, but rather an ongoing and constantly evolving challenge, in which creativity, adaptability and a fighting spirit are tested on a journey that has a purpose and destination. Because of the increasing complexity of companies, production systems and new technologies present in public and private sector organizations, young apprentices need to be able to work on teams, combining different talents and personalities. This is the permanent focus of learning in this academy. Various intellectual and holistic challenges stimulate students to discover strengths and qualities in their peers.

Why choose this program?

The School of Public Policy and Government (EPPG) in Brasilia is attuned with FGV’s mission to contribute to Brazil’s development. To this end, FGV has launched a unique course designed exclusively for all those who want to help the country’s process of change and dedicate themselves to a journey of transformation and leadership.

Mission: Continuously focus on making Brazil better governed, more developed and fairer for all citizens.

Vision: Be the world’s foremost academic authority on governance in emerging countries, for countries in both the Global North and Global South.

School’s values: Responsibility, Strategy, Sustainability, Innovation, Leadership, Integrity, Entrepreneurship, Nature, Cooperation/Collaboration, Impact, Adaptability, Resilience and Diversity.



Rated among the world’s top 10 think tanks, reaching third place in the 2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report.

Main educational elements

Our training is based on the following pillars:

Comprehensive human training

Over the course of four years, innovative, creative and seemingly insurmountable challenges make up the core element of our comprehensive training. These challenges require research, planning, training and teamwork. In the first year, the challenge is local, related to the Federal District, encompassing the area’s history, economy, geography, biome, social problems and innovation ecosystem. It concludes with an expedition lasting several days to the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park. In the second year, the challenge is about a topic of national significance, such as the Amazon and everything it represents for Brazil and its people, ending with a week-long expedition to the region. In the third year, the challenge addresses the historic struggles for liberation and independence in Latin America, probably culminating in an expedition to Patagonia. In the fourth year, the challenge is global, on an issue such as climate change or pandemics, most likely culminating in a month-long hike along remote trails from France to Spain.

Learning in practice

EPPG is strategically located in Brasilia, close to the three branches of government (the legislative, executive and judiciary), international organizations, embassies and other organizations in the public, private and third sectors, with which immersion activities are structured to analyze the strategic challenges faced by them. Accordingly, students have the opportunity to take part in activities at these organizations, come into contact with this unique ecosystem and learn about the challenges faced by these organizations’ leaders and managers.

Academic excellence

All EPPG’s professors were educated at renowned institutions in Brazil and other countries. They have international experience in applied research and job market connections (at international organizations, consulting firms, government bodies and other institutions).

International exchange program

From the beginning of the course, students are prepared to participate in an international exchange program. In the third year of the course, there is a mandatory subject called Multicultural Experiences, which includes this international exchange program. It is a core part of the course curriculum.

  • Merit scholarships:

University Entrance Exam

1st place – 100% scholarship 
2nd place – 50% scholarship 
3rd place – 30% scholarship 
4th place – 20% scholarship
5th place – 10% scholarship

National High School Exam (ENEM)

1st place – 50% scholarship
2nd place – 30% scholarship
3rd place – 20% scholarship

  • Non-refundable scholarships

Scholarships for students in financial hardship: Students who are admitted via either the university entrance exam or National High School Exam (ENEM) can apply for a non-refundable scholarship worth between 10% and 100% of monthly tuition fees. These scholarships are awarded in line with the socioeconomic circumstances of candidates and their ranking in the selection process.

  • Refundable scholarships – financing

Applicable to students admitted via the university entrance exam, ENEM, International Baccalaureate, IBTUR, BAC or SAT.

a. Study Scholarship (between 20% and 100% of monthly tuition fees during the semester in question).

b. Financial Aid Scholarship (assistance for students in greatest financial hardship to pay for their expenses).

For more details about the scholarships offered for each course, see the public notice.

We know that choosing a profession is probably one of the first big decisions you will make in your life. For this reason, FGV wants to help you learn a little more about your future career.

As an administrator, you can work in many kinds of areas in both the public and private sectors.

Where you can work:

• Private and public sector entrepreneurship

• Creating and participating in startup support ecosystems

• Management and leadership at private, public and third sector organizations

• Strategic and financial management at organizations and investment funds

• Construction of marketplace platforms

• Recruitment, selection, hiring, training and evaluation of people to work in a constantly transforming economy

• Analysis of international markets, financial negotiations and mediation between sellers and buyers in different countries

• Social responsibility of companies and purposeful investment funds

• Institutional and government relations of private companies

• Strategic consulting for public and private sector organizations, both domestic and international

Any opinions expressed by Fundação Getulio Vargas’s staff members, duly identified as such, in articles and interviews published in any media, merely represent the opinions of these individuals and do not necessarily represent the institutional viewpoints or opinions of FGV. FGV Directive No. 19 / 2018.