Have you ever imagined being able to get to know the undergraduate course you want up close and have access to the differentials of doing your college at an institution that is a reference in Brazil and in the world?

This is the proposal of the FGV Experience, a free meeting open to high school students from all over the country, allowing the experience of being an FGV student for one day. Parents, teachers and companions who want to know more about our institution are also welcome.

On the occasion, professors will have the opportunity to give more details about the graduation and courses through lectures. At the end, students will be able to take a tour of FGV headquarters, ask questions and exchange ideas with the speakers. 

After two years, the events willonce again be in-person at FGV headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasília. Book your schedule and participate!

Why go to FGV?

Stimulus to Entrepreneurship

Possibility of joining junior companies or incubators to help in the growth and development of their professional careers.

Internships and Development

Disclosure of opportunities periodically through the promotion of lectures and meetings between students and companies, in addition to individual guidance on career planning.


Interaction with students from othercountries and different regions of Brazil, enabling a rich and diverse cultural exchange.

Students Entities

Participation in initiatives organized by the students themselves, stimulated by the Schools, with the aim of developing transformative and differentiated projects, complementing undergraduate training.

Participatory Methodologies

Schools with an active teaching method, students actively acting as protagonists for the construction of knowledge. Student-centered. Courses with strong academic rigor distributed in theoretical, quantitative, technological and practical training.


More than 200 partnerships with world-renowned universities to promote the exchange of students with the use of disciplines studied abroad. There is the possibility of expanding your studies at major universities such as Harvard, Yale University and the London School of Economics.