The FGV EMap School of Applied Mathematics offers excellent, contemporary teaching that integrates traditional mathematics with statistical and computational techniques. This approach provides opportunities for developing new technologies and solving real problems.

With a diverse team of teachers, the course offers versatile and innovative teaching, expanding the possibilities of applying knowledge. Students acquire skills that can be applied in the financial market, the insurance industry, healthcare, crime fighting and many other areas.

Our students become able to work in strategic sectors of public or private companies, in addition to being prepared to work in consultancy and academic research. The high employability index is a outstanding characteristic of our program.

Enrollment for the course selection process can be done separately in the different admission modalities: FGV Entrance Exam, ENEM and International. 



Monthly payment

BRL 2.750,00
*refers to the value of 2024.1


Praia de Botafogo, 190

Candidate-to-vacancy ratio

2 (2023.1)  


(21) 3799-5917 

Why choose an Applied Mathematics course?

FGV's School of Applied Mathematics (EMAp) was created in 2011, with the objective of offering an undergraduate course in Applied Mathematics that trains professionals capable of facing real-life issues, focused on the solution, elaboration and study of mathematical models.

More recently, EMAp has been working to transform itself into a reference center for research in Applied Mathematics, opening new areas, hiring new researchers and continuing the training program with the implementation of a doctoral course.

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The course was designed based on three disciplinary axes: Mathematics, Computing and Mathematical Modeling.

The curriculum has a group of professors with diverse backgrounds – Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Biology, Medicine, Physics – which contributes to the versatility of applications in the area.

Professional Performance

The professional trained by EMAp can apply mathematical, informational and computational techniques in activities as diverse as, for example, the financial market,combating crime, mapping socioeconomic trends and understanding the dynamics of propagation of infectious and contagious diseases.

Acting in these and other areas, he contributes to public and private organizations in their sectors of environmental monitoring, scenario analysis, strategic planning, risk management, among others.



Maximum score in the General Course Index (IGC) of the Ministry of Education (MEC).


1st Place in the National Student Performance Exam (Enade) among private institutions in Mathematics and 3rd place nationwide.

Differentials of studying at FGV EMAp

Studying Applied Mathematics at FGV EMAp provides students with the development of skills to build a solid, productive, and creative career.

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EMAp prepares its students to achieve successful careers.

For this, the School has extensive international connections, creating exchange opportunities for students in the best universities around the world.

Qualified Faculty

Professors of undergraduate courses in Applied Mathematics obtained their respective doctorates and/or postdoctoral degrees in renowned foreign universities. In addition to academic excellence, the faculty is characterized by experience in applied research, as well as participation in consultancies for private companies and the government.


The course is at the frontier of knowledge, placing students in the position of protagonists of their own learning process.

Engagement with the content taught in the disciplines takes place through participatory teaching methods. Students implement the discussed models and techniques in real cases, presenting and debating their results, thus strengthening their essential secondary skills for today's market.

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We know that choosing a profession is likely one of the first major decisions you will make in life.

That's why FGV wants to help you get to know a little more about your future career.

Pursuing a career in Applied Mathematics will allow you to work in various professional sectors that apply mathematical, informational, and computational techniques.



  • Merit Scholarships:


1st to 5th place - 100%

ENEM (National High School Exam)

1st place - 100%

  • Refundable Scholarship - Financing:

0% to 100% of the tuition fee for the current academic semester

  • Social Demand Scholarships:

Allocated according to the socio-economic situation of the applicant. The percentage granted varies from 0% to 100% of the tuition fee for the current academic semester.


Read the notice for more details on the scholarships offered for each course.


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