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The FGV EPPG Business Administration course is intended to be a unique experience, a leadership training journey unparalleled anywhere in the world. The concept is of a training academy, a place that requires full dedication and that starts the student on his journey towards positively impacting the world.

We understand learning as a trajectory of constant overcoming for everyone who sets out to face seemingly insurmountable challenges. In this path, the word of great historical leaders is a constant warning that “negative facts can only harm you if you give them permission”.

The growing complexity of companies, production systems and new technologies present in private and public organizations demand from new professionals the ability to work in teams combining different talents and personalities.

Enrollment for the course selection process can be done separately in the different admission modalities: FGV Entrance Exam, ENEM and International. 


Full Time

Monthly payment

BRL 5.360,00
*refers to the value of 2024.1


SGAN Quadra 602 - Módulos A B e C
Asa Norte, Brasília - DF 

Candidate-to-vacancy ratio

3 (2023.1)


(61) 3799-8196 



DATA: 14/11/2024

LOCAL: A divulgação do Cartão de Confirmação ocorrerá no dia 04 de novembro de 2024, conforme o item 1.6 do Edital Unificado 2025.1


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Why choose a Business Administration course?

The School of Public Policy and Governance (EPPG) in Brasília represents FGV's efforts in its mission to contribute to the development of Brazil.

To this end, FGV offers a unique course, designed exclusively for everyone who wants to help in the process of changing the country, through their own transformation, dedicating themselves to a journey of transformation and leadership.

The academy creates a living, challenging, ever-evolving environment where creativity, adaptability and a spirit of perseverance are tested on a journey with purpose and destiny.

The focus is permanent on learning, where the various intellectual and systemic challenges encourage students to discover virtues and qualities in their peers.

sede bsb

Continuously dedicate ourselves so that Brazil has better governance, more development and more justice for all citizens.


From north to south, to be the main global academic reference on governance in emerging countries.

School Values

Responsibility, Strategy, Sustainability, Innovation, Leadership, Integrity, Entrepreneurship, Nature, Cooperation/Collaboration, Impact, Adaptability, Resilience and Diversity.


In addition to the Entrance Exam result, FGV classifies candidates based on the ENEM scores provided by the National Institute for Educational Research of the Ministry of Education (INEP/MEC).

International Selection Process 

The School of Business Administration at FGV offers an exclusive selection process for candidates who hold international certifications, such as the IB, ABITUR, BAC and SAT.



Think Tank 

Elected one of the Top 10 think tanks in the world, winning the 3rd place, by the 2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report.


The only Brazilian among the most influential higher education institutions in the world, according to Linkedin.


Training at the School of Public Policy and Government is based on the following pillars:


Comprehensive Global Training

Over the four years, innovative, creative and apparently insurmountable challenges constitute the main element of comprehensive training in Business Administration.

The challenges require research, planning, training and team execution. In the first year, the challenge is local, about the Federal District, understanding the history, economy, geography, biome, social problems, innovation ecosystem and concluding with a several-day expedition to Chapada dos Veadeiros.

In the second year, the challenge is on a topic of national relevance such as the Amazon and everything it represents for Brazil and its population, ending with a week-long expedition to the region.

In the third year, the challenge addresses the historic struggles for liberation and independence in Latin America, probably culminating in an expedition to Patagonia.

In the fourth year, the challenge is global, about issues of climate change or pandemics, culminating probably in a month-long trek along remote trails from France to Spain.

Learning in practice

EPPG is strategically located in Brasilia, close to the organs of the Three Branches of Government (Legislative, Executive and Judiciary), international organizations, diplomatic representations and other public, private and third sector organizations with which they are structured immersion activities for the analysis of strategic challenges faced by these organizations. 

With this, students will have the opportunity to participate in activities within these organizations, having contact with this unique ecosystem, and will learn about the challenges faced by the leaders and managers of the institutions.

Academic Excellence

EPPG's faculty is made up 100% of professors trained in renowned national and international institutions. Our professors have experience and international presence in applied research and connections with the labor market (international organizations, consultancies, government, etc.).

International exchange

From the beginning of the course, students are prepared to participate in an international exchange. The mandatory curricular component, 'Multicultural Experiences', in the third year of the course, integrates international exchange as a central part of the course curriculum.



We know that choosing a profession is probably one of the first big decisions of your life.

That's why FGV wants to help you learn a little more about your future career.

Pursuing a career as an administrator will allow you to work in a variety of professional sectors, both in the public and private sectors.

  • Private and public entrepreneurship.
  • Creation and participation in startup support ecosystems.
  • Management and leadership in private, public and third sector organizations.
  • Strategic and financial management in organizations and investment funds.
  • Construction of marketplace platforms.
  • Recruitment, selection, hiring, training and evaluation of people to work in an economy in constant transformation.
  • Analysis of international markets, financial negotiations and mediation between sellers and buyers from different countries.
  • Social responsibility of companies, investment funds with a purpose.
  • Institutional and governmental relations of private companies.
  • Strategic consultancy for both public and private, national and international institutions.
  • Merit Scholarships:
1st place - 100%1st place - 50%
2nd place - 50%2nd place - 30%
3rd place - 30%3rd place - 20%
4th place - 20% 
5th place - 10%


  • Non-Refundable Scholarships 


These are scholarships awarded to students with economic difficulties, considering the socioeconomic situation of the candidate and their classification in the selection process. Those approved in the FGV Entrance Exam or ENEM modalities may apply for a non-refundable scholarship (10% to 100% of the monthly fee).

  • Refundable Scholarships – Financing:

Applicable for students approved in the FGV Selection Process and ENEM, Internacional IB, IBTUR, BAC, SAT.


a. Scholarship (from 20% to 100% of tuition in the semester).

b. Financial Aid Scholarship (aid to students with greater economic difficulty to cover their expenses).


For more details on the scholarships offered for each course, read the Announcement.



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Located at a strategic point in the city of Brasília, our institution offers a modern and inspiring infrastructure, along with a renowned and experienced faculty consisting of qualified Brazilian and foreign professors who have graduated from some of the world's top schools.



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