Studying at FGV

  • Professor's Availability

    Most professors stay on FGV premises full time, which allows for flexibility in meeting the students and opportunities for informal discussions.

  • Learning Support

    All disciplines are monitored by their appointed professors who provide learning support along with answering the student´s questions and helping them achieve their program.

  • Internship Coordination

    Students can learn about internship opportunities through the lectures and meetings with companies.

  • International Partnerships

    Agreements with higher-education institutions from around the world that enable the participation in exchange programs, with credits for disciplines studied abroad applying to their courses at FGV. 

  • Educational Content

    Coursework developed by expert professors, aimed at student´s intellectual and professional development, based on the best material available – which is often produced specifically for the courses.

  • Plus

    FGV Libraries System

    Free access to the FGV Library System – nationally renowned for its content in several areas of pure and applied Social Sciences, including Economics, Administration and Law. The Library System offers a vast collection of books, scientific journals, national and foreign newspapers, as well as numerous databases available for research.

    Educational Guidance

    Students can rely on individualized assistance and an orientation group to help plan their studies, and to discuss any other matters involving academic life.

    Course Load Distribution

    Course load is combined between the required and the optional classes, with increasing flexibility in the final periods, so as to allow students to participate in complementary activities.


    Classrooms equipped with air-conditioning, multimedia resources and wi-fi connection; computer labs that offer free access to students. Special communications network for interaction between students, professors and administration, with individual email addresses.


    Partnership with FGV Bookstore to purchase books and publications listed on the academic curriculum.

    Complementary Activities

    Extra-curricular activities aimed to enrich student's cultural and political experience, recorded as credits for the disciplines.