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FGV Day is a free meeting at which students can ask questions about our courses and university entrance exam, as well as talk to professors about the benefits of doing an undergraduate degree at FGV.

The event is also open to parents, professors and companions who would like to find out more about FGV.

Encouragement of Entrepreneurship

Students have the chance to join startups or incubators to assist the growth and development of their professional careers.

Internships and Career Development

We regularly promote job opportunities by holding talks and meetings between students and companies, as well as providing individual career planning guidance.


You can interact with students from other countries and different parts of Brazil, enabling a rich and diverse sharing of cultures.

Student Organizations

Students can participate in initiatives organized by themselves, encouraged by our schools, aimed at developing transformative and distinctive projects, complementing their academic education.

Metodologias Participativas

Escolas com método de ensino ativo, alunos ativamente atuando como protagonistas para a construção do conhecimento. centrado no aluno. Cursos com forte rigor acadêmico distribuído numa formação teórica, quantitativa, tecnológica e prática.


Mais de 200 parcerias com universidades de renome mundial para promover intercâmbio de alunos com aproveitamento de disciplinas cursadas no exterior. Há a possibilidade de ampliar os estudos em grandes universidades como Harvard, Yale University e London School of Economics.

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