Selection process

The application period, whether for the FGV university entrance exam or National High School Exam (ENEM), takes place every semester for the courses run by the FGV’s Sao Paulo School of Business Administration (FGV EAESP) and once a year for FGV’s other courses.


Candidates from other institutions or who already have a higher education course diploma can join FGV’s courses* in line with the availability of places and specific selection criteria.




Admission through Enem is possible for all undergraduate courses at FGV.

First phase:

Use of notes from the National High School Examination (ENEM), provided that the candidate has opted for the English language in the “Languages, Codes and Technologies” test.

Second phase (Check in your course announcement if the phase is necessary or not):

Oral exam

Check the vacancies

First Phase

Multiple-choice tests in Mathematics (30 questions), Biology, History, Geography, English, Physics, Chemistry and Portuguese (15 questions each).


National High School Exam (Enem)


You can apply for all FGV’s undergraduate courses based on your result in the National High School Exam (ENEM). Find out more.


FGV Experience is a free meeting at which students can ask questions about our courses and university entrance exam, as well as talk to professors about the benefits of doing an undergraduate degree at FGV. The event is also open to parents, professors and companions who would like to find out more about FGV.

FGV offers several kinds of scholarships.
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