Social Sciences

Rio de Janeiro


2021.1 Selection Process


About the Course: 

The undergraduate course in Social Sciences aims to graduate professionals with a solid humanitarian base and competence for the application of social research. Students benefit from the interdisciplinary environment of the Center for Research and Documentation on the History of Contemporary Brazil (CPDOC) and from the faculty’s experience in teaching, research and documentation.


The course presents many distinguished features, such as its intimate environment, which allows students to have a closer relationship with the professors; the link between theory and practical research, developed in different laboratories and disciplines, as well as our interdisciplinarity, an essential characteristic and also a pedagogical pillar of the course, providing students with the opportunity to develop extensive knowledge in the History area.

National High School Exam (Enem)

In addition to University Entrance Exams, FGV also classifies applicants based on Enem scores, as provided by the National Institute of Educational Research of the Ministry of Education (INEP/MEC).

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FGV CPDOC - School of Social Sciences

Fee: R$ 1,710

Period: Day

Unit: FGV Botafogo

Contact: +55 (21) 3799.5710

Candidate-vacancy ratio: 2.77 (Entrance Exam 2019.1)


FGV offers MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS to candidates who pass our selection processes, as follows:


University Entrance Exam

1st and 2nd place – 100%

3rd and 4th place – 90%

5th and 6th place – 80%

7th and 8th place – 70%


National High School Exam (ENEM)

1st and 2nd place – 100%

3rd and 4th place – 90%


Social Demand

If requested, enrolled students may be granted renewable six-month “social demand” partial scholarships (from the Scholarship Fund), in line with criteria stipulated for each school.

Note: Merit scholarships are personal and non-transferable. If a candidate with a scholarship fails to enroll or a student drops out of their course, their scholarship will not be transferred to another candidate or student. The maintenance of these scholarships will depend on students’ academic performance and compliance with criteria established for each school.


Exams and answer sheets

Select the year to download the exam and the answer sheet.


  • We know that choosing a profession is probably one of the first major decisions you will make in life. Therefore, FGV wants to help you know a little more about your future career.

    Making Social Sciences is to opt for a formation that combines humanistic knowledge, training in applied research and critical reflection on the dilemmas of life in society.

    Opportunities in Social Sciences

    Having a background in social sciences can be a differentiator in various careers, not just in the academic world.

    A social scientist can work in the third sector, public institutions that deal with planning in civil society organizations and political and social consultancies.