Data Science

Rio de Janeiro


2021.1 Selection Process

Only Portuguese.

About the Course: 

FGV Data Science program was created to transform the professional horizon of Brazilian students interested in following an innovative and modern career with great impact on the modern world. It is a program designed to provide students with the required skills and competences to work in technology, retail, investment banks, nongovernmental organizations, consultancy, multinational companies, media and communication, in addition to careers in research.

During the course, students will study subjects associated to machine learning, applied statistics, econometrics and quantitative finance, epidemiology, crypto-currency, Big Data, in addition to research topics from fields like Political Sciences, Law, Social Sciences, Network Science, among others.

Why choose FGV EMAp?

The Data Science undergraduate program offered by FGV EMAp main objective is to ensure that all students will have the required instruments to make the best professional choices and build their own path in a productive and creative way. For such, the program includes workshops turned to the development of professional skills and competences, the use of participative methods in classroom and opportunities of educational exchange abroad. The program also counts on a faculty graduated in the most respected international and national institutions. 


Professional skills: From the beginning, students are prepared to professional practice in a wide range of careers.  They acquire a repertoire of concepts, methods and techniques in Mathematics, Statistics and Computing to provide advice, make qualified analyses of sets of data, work in teams, write reports and scientific papers and produce, manage and analyze large data bases. By the end of the program, the students will be qualified to perform these tasks with proficiency in corporate and academic environments.  Our role is to ensure that all students will have the required instruments to make the best professional choices and build their own path in a productive and creative way.

Internationalization: The program was developed to prepare students to achieve successful careers. For such, the School counts on wide international connections, which creates exchange possibilities for the students in the best universities worldwide. The school also prepares students to apply to trainee positions and post-graduation abroad.

Qualified faculty: Our professors obtained their respective doctorates in cutting-edge universities worldwide. In addition to academic excellence, the faculty counts on experience in academic research and applied research, in addition to consultancies in private companies and the government.

Methodology: The program is in the frontier of knowledge, placing students as protagonists of their own learning process. The engagement with contents administered in the disciplines occurs by participative teaching methods. Students implement the models and techniques discussed in real cases, presenting and debating the results and thus strengthening their secondary skills, essential to the market of today.  


FGV EMAp - School of Applied Mathematics

Address: Praia de Botafogo – 190, Botafogo/RJ

Monthly fee: R$ 3,000 – 4-year duration

Start of next program: February 2020

Course load: 2610 hours

Director: César Camacho

Undergraduate program coordinator: Yuri Fahham Saporito

Undergraduate program assistant coordinator: Renato Rocha Souza

Merit scholarships – assigned to students that were outstanding in the selection process, whether entrance examination or ENEM.

Refundable scholarships – students can request scholarships to be refunded after the course conclusion. These scholarships may cover fully or partially the fee amount.


Exams and answer sheets

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  • We know that choosing a profession is probably one of the first major decisions you will make in life. Therefore, FGV wants to help you know a little more about your future career.

    Being a data scientist will make possible for you to work in several professional areas, both in public and private sectors.

     Vale, Shell, Johnson, Unilever, Petrobras.

    Americanas, Submarino, OLX.

    Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft.

    Oliver Wyman, Accenture, Deloitte, Bain, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, KPMG.

    Investment Banks (Credit Suisse, SPX, Pactual); Fintechs (NUBank, Banco Original)

    Commercial Banks (Itaú, Santander, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley); B3; Pension Funds.


    DASA, Baxter, United Health - Amil.