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About the Course: 

FGV EAESP’s undergraduate business administration course is aimed at students who plan to go far and make a positive impact on the world. Students will find resources and tools to play a leading role in transforming not just companies, but also the economy and society as a whole.



This undergraduate course, created in 1954, has continually evolved to maintain its innovative essence in line with Brazil’s context.

Students gain a solid education, giving them a broad vision as a manager and citizen, in accordance with the demands of the contemporary world and the concerns of new generations, based on the principles of ethics, sustainability, entrepreneurship, systemic vision and critical thinking.

FGV EAESP business administration course graduates are prepared for their professional career and not just for their first job.

The majority of alumni find a job within two months of graduating.

The school’s alumni hold key positions in the job market, at organizations in all sectors and of all sizes.

FGV EAESP is one of the world’s most prestigious business schools. Since 2004, it has had three of the foremost international accreditations. Just 82 of the world’s 14,000 business schools have this triple accreditation.

FGV upholds standards of excellence in education, research and extension work.

The undergraduate business administration course is available in Day or Day-English (four years) and Evening (five years) modalities for students who plan to work during the day or accelerate their experience through internships.

In the Day-English modality, all mandatory subjects are taught in English, as well as many of the optional subjects. This means greater contact with the English language and the possibility to network with non-Brazilian students, preparing students for international opportunities.

Dual diploma

Through an internal selection process, students can spend some semesters in the United States, France, Italy or Germany, at FGV EAESP’s partner institutions. Successful candidates can choose from between the universities listed below, studying during the indicated periods, and obtaining a diploma from both institutions when they graduate. All the fees are paid in Brazil, except in the case of HEC, in which one year’s fees are paid at this university and students obtain a master’s degree. 

Double degree

FGV EAESP, the Sao Paulo School of Economics (FGV EESP) and the Sao Paulo Law School offer their students the possibility of a double degree, without the need to do another university entrance exam.

The main advantage is that students who pass the internal selection process can graduate in two of three courses (administration and economics, or administration and law, or economics and law) in a shorter space of time that if they were to take both courses consecutively. This is possible because of the proximity between the curricula offered by the schools, which feature some common subjects, promoting valuable dialogue between these areas of knowledge. Students only pay one set of monthly fees, even when they are enrolled for two degrees. 

Foreign candidates 

The course has a specific selection process for non-Brazilian candidates. This modality is composed of document analysis and an online interview. To participate, the candidate needs to be of a foreign nationality or be a Brazilian with dual nationality. The candidate must have taken the last four years of mandatory schooling at an education institution located outside Brazil and may not have a university degree. For more information, click here.


National High School Exam (Enem)

In addition to University Entrance Exams, FGV also classifies applicants based on Enem scores, as provided by the National Institute of Educational Research of the Ministry of Education (INEP/MEC).  Learn more at Enem


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FGV EAESP - Sao Paulo School of Business Administration

Period DAYFull-time

Value: R$ 4,678.15 / Month

Period EVENING: 7:00 p.m. to 10:40 p.m.

Value: R$ 3,749.72 / Month

Location: FGV - Av. 9 de Julho

Contact: +55 (11) 3799-7777

Candidate-vacancy ratio: 9,1 (Entrance Exam 2019.1)

The Undergraduate Business Administration course from the Sao Paulo School of Business Administration (EAESP) offers the following scholarships to students admitted in the Selection Process:


a.1) Financial Hardship Scholarships – applicable to students who pass the National University Entrance Exam (Vestibular) or National High School Exam (ENEM) selection process.

- In all, up to 6 (six) full (100%) non-refundable scholarships will be granted to students who pass the National University Entrance Exam or National High School Exam.

This scholarship will be granted for 8 semesters, covering the 240 credits that make up the curriculum.


Candidates for these scholarships will be selected in accordance with the following criteria:

a) Proven financial need;

b) Performance in selection process.

• Conditions for maintaining this type of scholarship:

• Obtain an accumulated average score of at least 7.00 (seven);

• Behave in a way that is compatible with academic norms;

• Do not stop studying the course for which you passed the selection process, except in the following cases: a) leave of absence for a student exchange organized by a program supported by FGV EAESP, lasting no more than one school year; and b) summons to provide services to the Brazilian nation;

• Your financial situation does not alter significantly;

• Noncompliance with the requirements to maintain the scholarship will result in its definitive loss.

• Undergraduate students cannot apply for merit or financial hardship scholarships when rejoining a course by going through a new selection process.

• Financial hardship scholarships cover tuition fees (40% of monthly fees) in the case of a one-semester exchange program.

a.2) Other non-refundable scholarships may be awarded, considering issues such as diversity and talent, defined in line with FGV EAESP’s criteria.

b) REFUNDABLE SCHOLARSHIPS – applicable to students who pass the National University Entrance Exam (Vestibular) or National High School Exam (ENEM) selection process.

FGV EAESP grants scholarship loans to undergraduate students with proven financial needs. This money needs to be paid back, without any interest, but merely adjusted in line with the IGP-M inflation index. The following modalities are available:

• Tuition Fee Scholarship (20% to 100% of monthly tuition fees for one semester).

• Study Material Scholarship (assistance for one semester to buy books and other study materials).

• Food Scholarship (assistance for one semester to contribute to food costs).

• Accommodations Scholarship (assistance for one semester for students with the biggest financial difficulties and those who live outside the city of São Paulo).

• Transportation Scholarship (assistance for one semester for students with the biggest financial difficulties and those who live outside the city of São Paulo).

• Approval of students’ requests to receive a refundable scholarship from the FGV EAESP Scholarship Fund will depend on the amount of resources available every semester, as well as the number of requests and percentages requested.

Conditions for maintaining these scholarships:

• Obtain an accumulated average score of at least 6.00 (six);

• Behave in a way that is compatible with academic norms.

The Refundable Scholarship modality does not provide funding for:

• Additional credits for subjects taken due to failing an exam;

• Taking a leave of absence.



Exams and answer sheets

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  • We know that choosing a profession is probably one of the first big decisions you’ll take in your life.
    That is why FGV wants to help you find out more about your future career.

    Following a career in administration will allow you to work in various fields, in both the public and private sectors.

    Opportunities in Business Administration

    Works with management policies to keep employees motivated and performing to capacity, increasing the company’s productivity.

    Training and Development
    Performance Evaluation
    Personnel Management
    Recruiting and Selection

    Responsible for integrating all of the company’s production processes, from the purchase of basic supplies to final product delivery.

    Information Technology
    Supply Chain

    Analyzes trends and defines a company’s strategies and positions in the market.

    Market Research
    Product Management
    Trade Marketing
    Public Relations

    For professionals who choose to own a business, being responsible for overseeing all of their company’s activities, from financial decisions to the marketing strategies. 

    In this area, professionals are responsible for defining the general direction of a company. One way this can be done is by analyzing the competition and deciding on specialization or diversification of its activities.

    Includes all aspects related to managing a company’s funds, which can be converted to cash, real estate, stock and machinery. As such, it also consists of buying and selling stocks and insurance, as well as investing in other companies in the financial market.

    Corporate Finance
    Financial Market