Applied Mathematics

Rio de Janeiro


About the Course: 

The undergraduate course in Applied Mathematics was created for the development of contemporary mathematics adapted to the challenges of the new information and knowledge era. The course prepares the alumni to act in strategic sectors in both public and private organizations, as well as qualifying them for academic research and consulting projects.


The course was designed based on three disciplinary pillars: Mathematics, Computing and Mathematical Modelling. The faculty features a diversified group of professors with different graduations, such as Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science and Biology. This diversity contributes toward the versatility of applications in this area.

Professional Performance

The professional graduated from EMAp is able to apply techniques of the essence of mathematics, information and computation in activities as diverse as financial market, fight against crime, mapping of socioeconomic tendencies and understanding the dynamics of reproduction of infectious and contagious diseases. Acting in these and other areas, he contributes to public and private organizations in their sectors of environmental monitoring, scenario analysis, strategic planning, risk management, among others.

National High School Exam (Enem)

In addition to University Entrance Exams, FGV also classifies applicants based on Enem scores, as provided by the National Institute of Educational Research of the Ministry of Education (INEP/MEC).

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FGV EMAp - School of Applied Mathematics

Fee: R$2,163 (2019 fee – it might be adjusted)

Period: Day

Unit: FGV Botafogo

Contact: +55 (21) 3799 5917

Candidate-vacancy ratio: 6,9 (Entrance Exam 2019.1)

FGV offers MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS to candidates who pass our selection processes, as follows:


University Entrance Exam

1st to 5th place – 100%


National High School Exam (ENEM)

1st place – 100%


Social Demand

If requested, enrolled students may be granted renewable six-month “social demand” partial scholarships (from the Scholarship Fund), in line with criteria stipulated for each school.

* Other merit scholarships may be awarded for the Applied Mathematics course, based on students’ performance in Mathematical Olympiad events.

Note: Merit scholarships are personal and non-transferable. If a candidate with a scholarship fails to enroll or a student drops out of their course, their scholarship will not be transferred to another candidate or student. The maintenance of these scholarships will depend on students’ academic performance and compliance with criteria established for each school.


Exams and answer sheets

Select the year to download the exam and the answer sheet.


  • We know that choosing a profession is probably one of the first major decisions you will make in life.
    Therefore, FGV wants to help you know a little more about your future career.

    Following a career in applied mathematics you will become an expert to propose solutions to the needs and challenges of human and social sciences found in the world today.


    Opportunities in Applied Mathematics

    The applied mathematician operates in the Finance and Financial Products with a differentiated knowledge of the implications and subtleties of the proposed mathematical models and computational methods used in the solutions of the problems.

    The professional trained in Applied Mathematics supports the Public Policy decisions using, for example, mathematical-computer simulations of socioeconomic processes.

    The professional trained in Applied Mathematics offers a range of modeling and analysis tools that enable you to provide differentiated advice to companies of all sectors.

    The professional trained in Applied Mathematics has available a large number of open issues - from real situations of companies or government agencies - that require the construction of mathematical models and the development of methods for theoretical and practical solution (computer) models proposed.

    The professional trained in Applied Mathematics operates in the context of Information Technology with a differentiated knowledge of Computational Intelligence area, which consists of the extraction, processing and analysis of the information contained in large data volumes.