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About the Course: 

The undergraduate course in Business Administration brings new insights to the subject/career. From the very first day, the students are in contact with the reality of companies.

Professional performance

Complemented by different consulting projects assisted by the professors, the business administration course offers an excellent professional graduation for students who wish to work in either public or private corporations in areas such as Finance, Marketing, Technology Management and Human Resources.

Partnerships and internships

In addition to an education focused on professional practice, students benefit from a structure that coordinates internships, with partners in several public, private and third-sector organizations, making it even easier for the students to enter the labor market.

National High School Exam (Enem)

In addition to University Entrance Exams, FGV also classifies applicants based on Enem scores, as provided by the National Institute of Educational Research of the Ministry of Education (INEP/MEC). 

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FGV  EBAPE - Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration

Fee: R$ 4,720/Month

Period: Full-time

Unit: FGV Botafogo

Contact: +55 (21) 3083-2412/ 2413 

Candidate-vacancy ratio: 5,35 (Entrance Exam 2019.1)

Scholarships for former FGV students’ children

This benefit is intended to offer 10% (ten percent) scholarships in tuitions for the son of former FGV student that enrolls in the 2nd (second) school semester of 2019, by means of selection process, in FGV EBAPE in-class undergraduate program.


The applicants with right to this benefit are sons of former students that concluded undergraduate courses, post-graduation courses (lato sensu, stricto sensu and MBA).

The scholarships will only be valid for sons of former students, as described above, that enter the course in the 2nd (second) semester of 2019, and will not be valid for those students already enrolled.

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Merit Scholarships

Our Merit Scholarships Program is split into two kinds:

University Entrance Exam Merit Scholarships: These are granted in line with the university entrance exam ranking. We offer full scholarships to the top five performers in the university entrance exam and partial scholarships to those who come sixth to tenth. These scholarships are not refundable by students and they will be maintained throughout the course, in accordance with the respective criteria specified in the Rules.

Academic Performance Merit Scholarships: These are granted to undergraduate students in line with their academic performance during the course. They consist of full or partial exemptions from monthly school fees. Academic performance merit scholarships will be awarded every six months, in accordance with accumulated academic performance (based on the Academic Performance Coefficient, or “CRA”). They are personal, non-transferable and non-refundable by students. If a candidate with a scholarship fails to enroll or a student drops out of their course, their scholarship will be suspended immediately.

Refundable Scholarships

These are short-term loans granted every six months in the form of school fee funding for undergraduate course students who have demonstrated strong academic performance and/or financial need. The resources come from the Fundação Getulio Vargas Scholarship Fund (Ordinance 17 of 2002), and the repayments are pegged to the General Market Price Index (IGP-M). The percentage granted to each student varies from 0% to 100% of the monthly school fees in the semester in question, decided by the FGV EBAPE Scholarship Commission based on documentation submitted by applicant students. As part of this process, the school’s Controller will be consulted. Reimbursement is mandatory, students must start to pay back their loan from the 11th semester after starting their course. The granting and maintenance of refundable scholarships will depend on compliance with the respective criteria specified in the Scholarship Rules.

EBAPE Social Scholarships

These do not depend on students’ ranking in EBAPE’s selection process. Instead, they are intended mainly for students who did all their high school studies at a public school and who present an income tax declaration for their parents or guardians indicating the need for their scholarship. Students awarded an EBAPE Social Scholarship will be exempt from the payment of monthly school fees and/or charges and they will be given meal vouchers. In exchange, the students must obtain an accumulated academic performance of seven (7.0) points or more, participate in extension programs/projects within EBAPE that involve social issues, and dedicate themselves exclusively to the course.

Note1: Cut-off grades are defined in line with the Scholarship Rules.

Note2: Applications for all scholarships (except University Entrance Exam Merit ones) must be made to the EBAPE Scholarship Commission, and they will only be granted following approval. Scholarships are renewed every six months.

Note3: Non-refundable scholarships for FGV employees and their legal dependents are restricted to monthly school fees.


Exams and answer sheets

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    We know that choosing a profession is probably one of the first major decisions you will make in life. Therefore, FGV wants to help you know a little more about your future career.

    Being an administrator will allow, for example, you work in various professional sectors in both the public sector and in private.

    Administration Opportunities

    It operates in management areas necessary for employees to stay motivated and do the best job possible, increasing the company's productivity.

    Training and Development
    Performance Evaluation
    Personnel Management
    Recruitment and Selection

    Responsible for integrating all the company's production processes, from the purchase of basic inputs to the delivery of the final product.

    Information Technology

    Analyzes trends and sets the action strategies and positioning of a company in the market.

    Market Research
    Management Products
    Trade Marketing
    Public Relations
    Market Research

    Is an area of activity in which the professional becomes owner of the business itself, responsible for management of all activities of the company, from finance to marketing.

    It deals with the definition of the general lines of the company's operations, such as competitive analysis and specialization or diversification of its activities in the market.

    It operates in all aspects involving the management of resources of a company, which can be converted into cash, real estate, stock and machinery. In this way, also includes the purchase and sale of stocks, insurance and investments in other companies in the financial market.

    Finance Corporate
    Financial Market

    Working with public policy is not restricted to governmental organizations, turning often to generate value for society, which can be translated into the provision of services in areas such as education, health, culture, sports, work, among others .


    Acting in governmental and non-governmental organizations working on issues of public interest, with priority also good management of its internal procedures.

    Human Resources
    Processes and Operations