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The graduation in Digital Communication at FGV ECMI aims to train communication professionals for the 21st century. The course is aligned with the best market practices and the most current trends in Communication research. With a curricular matrix designed to prepare graduates for an increasingly versatile and qualified market, the course also includes solid knowledge in areas such as Data Science, Social Sciences and Linguistics.

The syllabus is structured in 4 thematic axes: Communication, Fundamentals, Data Science and Digital Culture. In the Cubo de Inovação and DAPP Lab laboratories, theory, concepts and reflections are experimented with in applied projects, always accompanied and guided by professors and researchers from the School. 

Enrollment for the course selection process can be done separately in the different admission modalities: FGV Entrance Exam, ENEM and International. 


Full time

Candidate-to-vacancy ratio

1,6 (2023.1)

Monthly payment

BRL 4.000,00
*refers to the value of 2024.1


Praia de Botafogo, 190
Rio de Janeiro/RJ


(21) 3799-6208 

Why choose Digital Communication course?

FGV ECMI is the first school in Brazil to incorporate Data Science into the Communication graduation, providing an integrative approach that also covers Social Sciences and Linguistics. Thus, the course of Digital Communication promotes an interdisciplinary project with solid theoretical foundations, in addition to offering opportunities for experimentation in state-of-the-art laboratories, various extension activities and practical workshops from the first semester.

Through partnerships with companies and organizations in the public, private and third sectors, students also have the opportunity to connect with the job market during the professional cycle of the graduation in Digital Communication.


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proven excellence and academic experience by FGV DAPP
Networks of institutions as partners in the United States and Europe
state-of-the-art laboratories for students to develop their activities



The Digital Communication course has extensive international connections for students to build successful careers in Brazil and abroad. Through its partnerships, FGV ECMI also offers exchange possibilities at the best universities in the world.

FGV Sorbonne Program

“European culture: heritage and modernity” is an academic exchange signed by FGV with the University of Paris-Sorbonne, one of the best higher education institutions in Europe.


The Digital Communication course prepares students for the ever-evolving environment of the area. See how FGV ECMI can boost your career!

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Single Program: Communication and Data Science

The course has an integrative approach, combining theoretical disciplines with practical workshops, laboratory activities and various complementary activities. The student can follow tracks focused on Communication, Fundamentals, Data Science and Digital Culture.

Active Learning Methodologies

Curriculum focused on the constant interaction between theory and practice, using methodologies that involve the critical analysis of empirical evidence. FGV ECMI privileges the use of Teaching Cases to motivate the analysis of real cases and the development of bridges between academic knowledge and the critical evaluation of practices, debates and business models in the field of Communication.

State-of-the-art laboratories and workshops

Students can experiment with the best practices, methodologies and technologies available in the industry and in the Communication market: devices, software, algorithms and applied research frameworks in monitoring and analysis of social networks, among others. In addition to the space for the development of practical projects, the laboratories offer short courses for the development of specific skills, according to the student's profile and objectives.


The Digital Communication course has extensive international connections for students to build successful careers in Brazil and abroad. Through its partnerships, FGV ECMI also offers exchange possibilities at the best universities in the world.

Career Center

FGV's Internship and Career Development Center directs students and former students to the job market through partnerships and its own programs, in addition to providing support for students in Curricular Supervised Internships.

Besides, individualized student service and career monitoring sessions are offered, starting from the first year. Regular conversations are also organized with professionals in the field, specific training for selection processes and practical help to obtain internships, work, exchange programs and scholarships abroad.


With an exclusive Placement project, FGV ECMI connects its students to public, private and NGOs, supporting practical experience already in the professional cycle of graduation.

Aligned with its vocation of collaborating with the promotion of innovation in the Brazilian digital communication market, the Placement at FGV ECMI also provides support for students to develop and make their innovative projects in the area of Communication viable.



Being a communication professional will allow you to work in a variety of roles, both in the public and private sectors.

This range increases when combined with the knowledge of Data Sciences, Social Sciences and Linguistics present in the curriculum. Find out where to work after completing a degree in Digital Communication!


The rise of digital platforms as spaces for direct dialogue with the public, production of segmented content and institutional communication has raised independent producers and influencers to a position of relevance, these being new areas of activity for the communication professional.

  • Production of multimedia content, in text, video, audio and animation.

  • Tactical and strategic planning of marketing for social networks.

  • Own content monitoring and performance evaluation.

  • Strategic planning and management for video channels on digital platforms.

  • Investigation, writing and editing of journalistic content based on digital data.

Engine of growth and new business in Communication agencies, the so-called B.I. it's responsible for producing strategic reports to provide input to online campaigns and for evaluating the effectiveness of actions already taken.

  • Collection, cleaning and analysis of data from digital platforms.

  • Production of interactive dashboards and elaboration of strategic reports for the business.

  • Monitoring of social networks to support institutional communication and management of reputational crisis.

  • Evaluation of the performance of the organization's own channels and social presence on networks.

  • Digital transformation is already a reality in different professional areas in communication. This introduces new challenges for team and business management in the area of digital communication.

  • Leadership, training and management of businesses and people in the digital communication sector. 

  • Strategic Communication planning based on the analysis of large amounts of data.

  • Monitoring of digital transformation processes in the communication sector. 

  • Mastery of scenario analysis techniques for implementing new digital communication businesses.

The new generations of communication professionals value entrepreneurship more than previous generations, and the digital environment is fruitful for projects of new products and innovative services.

  • New businesses in digital communication, from the idea to the commercial viability of the project.

  • Mentoring for new entrepreneurs.

  • Mapping opportunities to undertake in the digital communication sector.

  • Social entrepreneurship based on digital technologies.

The increasingly relevant presence of Data Science in Communication has opened up a whole new field of research in the area, in addition to a growing appreciation of the scientific method in everyday processes of communication services.

  • Development of applied research in public and private companies and in the third sector.

  • Application of digital methods in social research.

  • Collaboration in multidisciplinary research.

  • Performance in studies with scientific rigor and international recognition.


FGV offers scholarships in the following modalities for graduation in Digital Communication:

Merit Scholarships:

1st and 2nd place - 100%1st place - 100%
3rd place – 50%   
4th place – 30%  
5th place –  20%  

Refundable Scholarship - Financing:

0% to 100% of the tuition fee for the current school semester.

Merit Scholarship:

Awarded to candidates who are approved in the selection process. Merit scholarships are related to the candidate's performance in the entrance exam. The continuation of the scholarships will depend on the student's academic performance and compliance with the criteria established in the Scholarship Regulations.

Financial Aid Scholarship:

This is a benefit granted in the form of a discount on the tuition fee, subject to the analysis of a request submitted to the Scholarship Committee. The percentage to be granted will be determined by the FGV ECMI Scholarship Committee based on the documentation provided by the applicant, their academic performance, and the availability of budgetary resources at the School.

Social demand:

Available according to the socioeconomic situation of the applicant. The percentage to be awarded ranges from 0% (zero) to 100% (one hundred percent) of the tuition fee for the current school semester and will be defined by the FGV ECMI Scholarship Committee, based on the documentation presented by the applicant student, the availability of resources at the School, the position of candidates in the selection process and criteria that promote the diversity of the student body.

For more details on the scholarships offered for each course, read the Announcement.



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