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Payment options:
Bank payment slip or credit card
Candidate to vacancy ratio:
Monthly Academic Fees:
R$ 2,500.00
Class hours:
FGV - Praia de Botafogo, 190 - Botafogo/RJ
+55 (21) 3799-5917
About the program

The undergraduate course in Applied Mathematics was created for the development of contemporary mathematics adapted to the challenges of the new information and knowledge era. The course prepares the alumni to act in strategic sectors in both public and private organizations, as well as qualifying them for academic research and consulting projects.

National High School Exam (Enem)

In addition to University Entrance Exams, FGV also classifies applicants based on Enem scores, as provided by the National Institute of Educational Research of the Ministry of Education (INEP/MEC).

International Entry Exam

We accept marks from a range of international exams, such as SAT, Abitur, International Baccalaureate (IB) or Baccalauréat (Bac). For more information about the selection process, read the official release.

Why choose this program?

The FGV School of Applied Mathematics (FGV EMAp) was founded in 2011 with the goal of offering an undergraduate course in applied mathematics to train professionals capable of tackling real-life issues that require the production and study of mathematical models to solve them. More recently, the school has been working to turn itself into a center of reference for applied mathematics research, by moving into new areas, hiring more researchers and expanding its education program by establishing a doctoral course.


The course was designed based on three disciplinary pillars: Mathematics, Computing and Mathematical Modelling. The faculty features a diversified group of professors with different graduations, such as Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science and Biology. This diversity contributes toward the versatility of applications in this area.

Professional Performance

The professional graduated from EMAp is able to apply techniques of the essence of mathematics, information and computation in activities as diverse as financial market, fight against crime, mapping of socioeconomic tendencies and understanding the dynamics of reproduction of infectious and contagious diseases. Acting in these and other areas, he contributes to public and private organizations in their sectors of environmental monitoring, scenario analysis, strategic planning, risk management, among others.


Maximum score in the Brazilian Education Ministry’s General Course Index (IGC).


First place in the National Student Performance Exam (ENADE) out of private sector mathematics institutions and third place overall in Brazil.


EMAp prepares its students to build successful careers. To this end, the school has extensive international connections, allowing students to take part in exchange programs at the best universities around the world.

Qualified Faculty

The school’s professors obtained their doctorates and/or post-doctorates at renowned foreign universities. As well as academic excellence, they are characterized by their experience in applied research and their consulting work for private and public sector organizations.


The course is at the cutting edge of knowledge, making students the protagonists of their own learning process. Engagement with the content taught in the different subjects happens through participatory education methods. Students implement models and techniques discussed in real cases, presenting and debating their results, thereby strengthening secondary skills that are now essential for the job market.

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  • Merit Scholarships:

University Entrance Exam

1st to 5th place – 100%

National High School Exam (ENEM)

1st place – 100%

  • Refundable Scholarships:

Worth between 0% and 100% of monthly tuition fees in the academic semester in question.

  • Social Demand:

“Social Demand” scholarships are awarded in accordance with applicants’ socioeconomic circumstances. Between 0% and 100% of monthly tuition fees in the academic semester in question may be loaned in this way.

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